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Riley Buckholz

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Riley is a tough young man who lives in the far NW suburbs of Chicago with his mom, dad and brother.  As a typical 8 year old, Riley enjoys Spongebob, Legos, Hot-Wheels and aspires to be a hockey player some day.  As a non-typical 8 year old, Riley has battled a brain tumor for over half of his life.  Riley underwent surgery in June of 2016 to remove the tumor from the frontal lobe of his brain.  Although the surgery was deemed successful, Riley still faces numerous challenges and continues treatments.

Riley would often see the commercial for the Great Wolf Lodge and would ask his mother if they could go someday.  CKMC stepped in to send the entire family to the Wisconsin Dells for a 5 night “school’s out” stay.  Greeted personally by the General Manager upon arrival, Riley and his family checked in to their suite to find gifts waiting for them that were graciously furnished by the resort.  As you can see from the pictures, everyone had a great time playing, swimming and enjoying being a family.

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