Ryan Clark – Director

Serving since 2023

Meet Ryan Clark, a devoted family man, successful engineer in the oil and gas industry, and an unwavering champion for children battling cancer.

At just 35 years old, Ryan has already made a significant impact in his professional field, showcasing his commitment to excellence, innovation and leadership. His dedication extends beyond the workplace, as he joins us on a mission close to his heart – supporting children facing the challenging journey of pediatric brain cancer.

As an accomplished engineer in the oil and gas sector, Ryan brings a unique perspective and invaluable skills to our board. His experience in problem-solving and strategic planning will undoubtedly serve as a powerful asset in our organization’s mission to provide unwavering support to young cancer patients and their families.

At the core of Ryan’s motivation is his loving family. Hailing from the vibrant community of The Woodlands, Texas, Ryan alongside his amazing wife, Katie, are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters. Katie will also join our board, creating a dynamic duo in our mission to bring solace and support to children and their families facing the challenges of pediatric cancer. The significance of family time is deeply embedded in their lives, reinforcing the importance of nurturing and safeguarding the
well-being of every child, especially those enduring the trials of pediatric cancer.

When he is not working or making a difference in the lives of children, you can find Ryan pursuing his
love for golf, the outdoors or savoring cherished moments with friends and family. His zest for life and
commitment to those he loves is undeniable, and this unwavering dedication is an attribute he brings to his role as a board member.

To contact Ryan, email him at