Katie Clark – Director, Events & Social Media

Serving since 2023

Meet Katie Clark, the passionate heart behind our organization. As the head of CKMC social media platforms and the driving force behind our social events, Katie brings a personal touch to our mission.

Beyond her role in CKMC, Katie is a dedicated mom, loving wife, & a florist in her free time. What makes Katie’s journey with CKMC even more special is that she will be working alongside her husband, Ryan, who sits as a board member as well. Her four daughters are absolutely thrilled to be part of this organization following her lead. For the Clark Family, this isn’t just a mission; it’s a family commitment.

Katie is not only a devoted leader within CKMC but also a symbol of hope and resilience. She is determined to organize impactful events that raise awareness of this terrible disease while bringing a smile to the faces of those affected by it. She will emphasize the power of love, creativity, and community.

To contact Katie, email her at