Huntley Celebrates Carter Kettner Day

Carter Kettner Day in Huntley brought 300 well-wishers to the Wal-Mart parking lot Friday to cheer the local five year-old on in his battle with recently-diagnosed inoperable brain cancer.

Village Manager Dave Johnson said of young Carter, “You are a very big part of what makes Huntley the kind of village that it is.”

Daddy Joe Kettner told the crowd, “When we were looking for a place the live…we picked Huntley because of the charm of the town. Now we know we picked right.”

Carter Kettner Day was organized by local Wal-Mart truck driver Pete Palczynski who chauffeured the boy to the event in his semi. “They sent me my route this morning and I had to tell them ‘I won’t be available until this afternoon.'”

In the pics: Carter Kettner was highly dubious of riding on Paul Ziller’s snorting John Deere tractor but had a lot of fun once Dad agreed to come along. Other rides included a fire engine, dump truck and a police car. Friends at Carter Kettner Day chanted “Carter Rocks”. Even light rain didn’t dampen the boy’s spirits.