: Board of Directors

Roland Desharnais – Director

Serving since 2023

Roland Desharnais is a dedicated and passionate advocate for those affected by brain cancers. As a board member of CKMC (Cancer Kiss My Cooley), he brings a deeply personal connection to the cause, having witnessed the devastating impact of glioblastoma and various other forms of cancer within his circle of family and friends. His commitment to making a difference in the fight against these diseases is unwavering.

With a professional background as the owner of a successful insurance brokerage, Roland combines his business acumen with a heartfelt commitment to serve the community.  His leadership within the organization has been instrumental in driving fundraising efforts, building partnerships and creating awareness for the critical need for brain cancer research and support.

Inspired by the memory of a family friend who succumbed to glioblastoma at the young age of 38, Roland channels his grief into action. His tireless efforts aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of those battling brain cancer, and he plays a vital role in guiding CKMC’s mission towards a brighter future.

Beyond his philanthropic work, Roland is an avid outdoors enthusiast. Whether he’s fishing by a serene lake, hiking through nature’s wonders, or enjoying a round of golf, Roland finds solace in the great outdoors. He’s also an enthusiastic snowboarder who enjoys carving down the slopes. His commitment to giving back extends to the community he serves, and he tirelessly lends a helping hand to those in need.

Roland Desharnais is a driving force within CKMC, and his dedication serves as an inspiration to all who are involved in the fight against brain cancer.

To contact Roland, email him at

Ryan Clark – Director

Serving since 2023

Meet Ryan Clark, a devoted family man, successful engineer in the oil and gas industry, and an unwavering champion for children battling cancer.

At just 35 years old, Ryan has already made a significant impact in his professional field, showcasing his commitment to excellence, innovation and leadership. His dedication extends beyond the workplace, as he joins us on a mission close to his heart – supporting children facing the challenging journey of pediatric brain cancer.

As an accomplished engineer in the oil and gas sector, Ryan brings a unique perspective and invaluable skills to our board. His experience in problem-solving and strategic planning will undoubtedly serve as a powerful asset in our organization’s mission to provide unwavering support to young cancer patients and their families.

At the core of Ryan’s motivation is his loving family. Hailing from the vibrant community of The Woodlands, Texas, Ryan alongside his amazing wife, Katie, are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters. Katie will also join our board, creating a dynamic duo in our mission to bring solace and support to children and their families facing the challenges of pediatric cancer. The significance of family time is deeply embedded in their lives, reinforcing the importance of nurturing and safeguarding the
well-being of every child, especially those enduring the trials of pediatric cancer.

When he is not working or making a difference in the lives of children, you can find Ryan pursuing his
love for golf, the outdoors or savoring cherished moments with friends and family. His zest for life and
commitment to those he loves is undeniable, and this unwavering dedication is an attribute he brings to his role as a board member.

To contact Ryan, email him at

Katie Clark – Director, Events & Social Media

Serving since 2023

Meet Katie Clark, the passionate heart behind our organization. As the head of CKMC social media platforms and the driving force behind our social events, Katie brings a personal touch to our mission.

Beyond her role in CKMC, Katie is a dedicated mom, loving wife, & a florist in her free time. What makes Katie’s journey with CKMC even more special is that she will be working alongside her husband, Ryan, who sits as a board member as well. Her four daughters are absolutely thrilled to be part of this organization following her lead. For the Clark Family, this isn’t just a mission; it’s a family commitment.

Katie is not only a devoted leader within CKMC but also a symbol of hope and resilience. She is determined to organize impactful events that raise awareness of this terrible disease while bringing a smile to the faces of those affected by it. She will emphasize the power of love, creativity, and community.

To contact Katie, email her at

Monica Ogawa – Director

Serving since 2015

Meet Monica Ogawa, her connection to Cancer Kiss My Cooley (CKMC) took root when her husband, Anthony Martin volunteered for the organization back in 2013, later becoming a board member in 2015. His involvement provided her with a closer look at the charitable work being done in her community.  It was the story of Carter Kettner that truly inspired her.  Carter’s story touched Monica deeply and ignited a passion for charitable work. Monica’s journey from learning about CKMC through her husband’s volunteering to her active involvement and passion for the cause demonstrates her dedication to philanthropy and her desire to contribute to the betterment of her community. Her deep passion for charitable work, especially in the context of CKMC’s mission to fight pediatric brain cancer, highlights her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children and their families who are affected by this devastating disease.  Her story is an inspiring example of how individuals can be motivated to make a difference by the powerful stories of those they encounter.

Monica’s values are deeply rooted in her love for family, including her always supportive husband, three beautiful daughters, and two young grandsons. Family plays a central role in her life, and the moments she spends traveling with her loved ones and close friends are a source of cherished memories. These experiences further fuel her drive to make the world a better place, as she seeks to create a brighter future for not only her family but for those in need.

She has over 25 years of experience in property management where she is committed to providing exceptional customer service to her residents while creating a safe, enjoyable environment to raise their families. Furthermore, she takes an active role in organizing events and activities that foster a sense of community and fun for residents and their families. Monica strives to create a supportive and vibrant community within the multifamily apartment communities she manages. These initiatives not only contribute to the residents’ well-being but also reflect Monica’s commitment to going beyond her property management duties to improve the quality of life for those in her care.

Monica’s career accomplishments, humanitarian dedication, and love for her family and friends exemplify an individual who continues to make a meaningful impact in both her professional and personal life. Her story serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating how one can balance a successful career, a commitment to charitable work, and a deep love for family and friends.

In addition to her career and charitable endeavors, her role as a wife, mother, and grandmother underscores the multifaceted nature of her life and her commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships with her loved ones.

To contact Monica, e-mail her at

Anthony Martin – President

Serving since 2015

Anthony brings a remarkable journey of compassion and dedication as the newly appointed President of CKMC. With an extensive background in both corporate leadership and heartfelt philanthropy, he embodies the spirit of CKMC’s mission to spread “Kisses of Hope”, raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer and help raise funds towards finding a cure.

Anthony embarked on his CKMC journey in 2013, starting as a photographer documenting the beautiful moments of hope and resilience at CKMC events. The lens through which he observed the organization’s profound impact on families ignited a passion that has guided his future.

In 2015, Anthony took the next step by joining the board of CKMC. Through his selfless dedication, he became a beacon of support for countless families facing adversity. In recognition of his exceptional fundraising efforts and the invaluable relationships he nurtured for CKMC, Anthony was honored with the prestigious Carter Kettner Award. This award exemplified his extraordinary dedication and drive in furthering the organization’s mission.

Despite relocating to Texas, Anthony continued to contribute as a CKMC board member from afar. But
he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more he could do to make a difference in the lives of
families in need. When news broke that CKMC was at risk of closing its doors, Anthony stepped forward
with a proposition: to take the reins and relocate CKMC to Texas.

In his professional life, Anthony boasts over two decades of experience in commercial real estate
accounting and process improvements, a journey marked by a steady ascent to leadership roles. He is
now using those skills to help implement accounting and financial systems via IT Program

When Anthony isn’t dedicating his time to CKMC and his professional career, he finds joy in traveling,
cherishing moments with close friends and family, and, most importantly, continuing his journey of
helping others. With three loving daughters, two grandsons, and a rock-solid wife who has been a
constant pillar of support, Anthony is committed to making the world a better place for families in need.

As the new President of CKMC, Anthony represents the perfect fusion of corporate expertise and
compassionate philanthropy. His dedication to help these families is set to shine a light on the path
CKMC takes in delivering hope and happiness to families across Houston, Texas and beyond.

To contact Anthony, email him at