Anthony Martin – President

Serving since 2015

Anthony brings a remarkable journey of compassion and dedication as the newly appointed President of CKMC. With an extensive background in both corporate leadership and heartfelt philanthropy, he embodies the spirit of CKMC’s mission to spread “Kisses of Hope”, raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer and help raise funds towards finding a cure.

Anthony embarked on his CKMC journey in 2013, starting as a photographer documenting the beautiful moments of hope and resilience at CKMC events. The lens through which he observed the organization’s profound impact on families ignited a passion that has guided his future.

In 2015, Anthony took the next step by joining the board of CKMC. Through his selfless dedication, he became a beacon of support for countless families facing adversity. In recognition of his exceptional fundraising efforts and the invaluable relationships he nurtured for CKMC, Anthony was honored with the prestigious Carter Kettner Award. This award exemplified his extraordinary dedication and drive in furthering the organization’s mission.

Despite relocating to Texas, Anthony continued to contribute as a CKMC board member from afar. But
he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more he could do to make a difference in the lives of
families in need. When news broke that CKMC was at risk of closing its doors, Anthony stepped forward
with a proposition: to take the reins and relocate CKMC to Texas.

In his professional life, Anthony boasts over two decades of experience in commercial real estate
accounting and process improvements, a journey marked by a steady ascent to leadership roles. He is
now using those skills to help implement accounting and financial systems via IT Program

When Anthony isn’t dedicating his time to CKMC and his professional career, he finds joy in traveling,
cherishing moments with close friends and family, and, most importantly, continuing his journey of
helping others. With three loving daughters, two grandsons, and a rock-solid wife who has been a
constant pillar of support, Anthony is committed to making the world a better place for families in need.

As the new President of CKMC, Anthony represents the perfect fusion of corporate expertise and
compassionate philanthropy. His dedication to help these families is set to shine a light on the path
CKMC takes in delivering hope and happiness to families across Houston, Texas and beyond.

To contact Anthony, email him at