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Meet Jamela or “Baby J” as she is often called. Jamela, our 70th Kiss of Hope, is the sweetest 7 year old. Jamela was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6 and just recently got to ring the End of Chemotherapy bell at Lurie’s! Way to go Jamela!

Jamela is all girl. She loves dancing, singing and doing hair. So when Peggy went to meet her at the hospital, what better way to break the ice than to bring her a Barbie Hair Styling Head. Jamela loved it and spent the entire visit combing, braiding (which she is amazing at) and styling.

Jamela had a port throughout her treatment and couldn’t do one of her favorite things, swim. She had it removed when treatment was over, wanted to swim and had her 7th birthday coming up. So off she went with 6 of her family members to Wilderness Resort in the Dells for a SURPRISE 7th Birthday Celebration. Before leaving on their trip, Peggy met them and CKMC gave Jamela the new XBox One X for her birthday. When opening it she exclaimed “This is the best present ever!”

Jamela and her family spent 3 nights in a beautiful 3 bedroom condo, provided with snacks, beverages, spending money and some special birthday gifts. And best of all, Jamela got to swim to her hearts content. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Baby J!

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