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Please meet our 3 year old KOH, Octavio.  He lives with his Mother, Father and 5 year old sister, Amareli.  He stole our hearts upon meeting him.  Octavio loves birds.  His face lights up whenever he sees the animals he loves.  For his Kiss of Hope experience we decided to give his bedroom a makeover.  The entire family had shared a room and one bed.  Josefina and Mario Navar played a major role in helping complete this Kiss of Hope.  We rolled out the Home Makeover skills.  The room was painted, we had canvases of Octavio’s favorite animals, new beds with all the bedding, books, baskets and a shopping spree to buy the kids some much needed clothing.  Wait until you see these before and after pictures.  We could not have done it without all of our supporters.  See our Facebook Page for a video of the reveal!

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