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Sweet little Lucca is a shy guy with an awesome smile, and he loves his minions, crafts and video games. His family was due for a vacation, so between chemo treatments, off they went to West Palm Beach, Florida. The most important aspect of this trip was family together time, making memories… CKMC style.
They spent 6 nights at the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort and the staff at the hotel went way above and beyond to make them comfortable and make this trip special for Lucca and his family.

Lucca turned 7 just before their trip, so the family was welcomed by a lineup of the hotel staff, a huge greeting card and a minions birthday cake! The family was treated to a unique Chef’s Table personal dining experience, complete with an actual minion to dine with them! Lucca was made honorary General Manager of the hotel for a day (complete with business card)! The family also enjoyed a day out on a catamaran for a family fun adventure day on the water. We’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island staff, especially our friend Frank! You went way above and beyond and made Lucca’s family trip so very special!

We received a text from Lucca’s mom over the weekend stating “This trip is amazing!! Just what the doctor ordered for our family. The staff is perfection!” This is exactly what we love to hear, knowing our families get to create memories together! Mission accomplished.

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