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Meet adorable 23 month old Karter and his identical twin brother Khristian! Karter was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 5 months old. What little boys don’t like trucks, so when Peggy went to visit the family for the first time she brought two big ones for the boys. They loved them and even gave hugs.

Next up was a limo trip to Disney on Ice where they had seats very close to the ice. Mom, Alyssa said “Had so much fun at Disney On Ice! Thank you so much Cancer Kiss My Cooley for sending our family out to have some much needed fun! The boys were terrified at first, but ended up LOVING it after a few minutes!” Later they enjoyed one of Karter’s favorite foods. Pizza!

This family loves to spend quality time together, so what better than Brookfield Zoo and Shedd Aquarium memberships. CKCM also adopted a dolphin in Karter’s name. Maybe they will meet “Magic” next time they visit the zoo.

CKMC wasn’t finished with Karter’s Kiss of Hope. So it was off to Wilderness Resort in the Dells, complete with a care package of toys and books, where the family enjoyed a few days splashing around in the waterpark. We are thrilled that Karter and his family enjoyed their trip!

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