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Who can say they’ve had private art lessons from Jim Davis, creator of Garfield? CKMC Kiss of HOPE kiddo, Abraham and his brother, Tom can!
Knowing his love for Garfield and that Paws Inc. is just a short trip from Chicago (near Indianapolis), we knew what would make the perfect Kiss of HOPE! So we sent Abraham and his family to meet Jim Davis, get a tour of Paws Inc. and a private art lesson from the man behind Garfield!
Abraham had a tough year. He was constantly in and out of the hospital. He was also unable to attend school for the better part of the year. In early May, Abraham was feeling good and ready to go back to school! As soon as we heard the amazing news, the plan was put into place – Abraham and his family would be heading to Paws, Inc!
The family fun weekend with Abraham, Tom, Mom, Dad, Aunt & Uncle started with a stay in Indianapolis and visiting their Children’s Museum! The next day was Paws Inc. day! They toured the art studio, met the staff and Tom and Abraham were able to sit down and draw, being led the way by Jim!
Abraham’s mom had this to say to sum up the day. “Our day with Jim Davis was everything our family had dreamed of experiencing. cancer kiss my cooley made Abraham’s wish of meeting Jim Davis come true. The staff at Paws, Inc welcomed us warmly, and Jim Davis graciously and genuinely invited us into his world of laughter, family and fun – the type of place were Abram feels he was meant to be.”
We could not have said it better ourselves! Thank you to Paws, Inc and Jim Davis for making this special family memory for Abraham and his family! Truly a memory making experience they will never forget!
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