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This awesome little one is Isabella. She is a Taylor Swift fanatic and she was surprised on an MRI day with a “treat” after her doctor appointment. Anyone who follows our CKMC families or has gone through this with a child knows that MRI or scan days can be very stressful, scary, and no child should have to endure this. Isabella’s night started by being picked up with her parents in a 16 person Lincoln Navigator stretch limo equipped with snacks and beverages–she’s never ridden in a limo, so we think this one was pretty impressive for her first time ride.

After riding to the concert in style with plenty of room, and armed with alot of concert spending money – into Chicago’s Soldier Field they went! They were provided with awesome seats and enjoyed every second together as a family listening to Isabella’s favorite artist. Their seats were amazing and Isabella could not believe she was able to go to see her idol in person!

Before the concert, Isabella’s mom told CKMC board member, Michelle, “Isabella is going to be the happiest little girl in the world.” And indeed she was!

Princess Isabella’s kiss of HOPE experience did not stop there. As she was turning 7, CKMC had some more surprises for her – a family “staycation” at a nice, local hotel so as a family they could experience some relaxation and most of all swimming – Isabella’s favorite hobby (besides listening to Taylor Swift, of course). Their room was loaded up with snacks, toys and refreshments and they were treated to mommy and daughter manicure/pedicures. This family time is just what the family of 4 needed together as summer comes to a close. And we didn’t celebrate her birthday with just the Taylor Swift tickets, she’s now able to play games and watch movies on her new Microsoft Surface Pro – in pink of course, just what a Princess needs! Her mom let us know that the look on her face as she opened her birthday gifts from CKMC was priceless!

We tried to set up a meeting between Isabella and T. Swift, and we will not stop trying! Hey Taylor – this adorable Princess wants to meet you! Call us! J #IsasWildestDreams

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