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Meet Aaron!  Aaron was in the hospital on his birthday in March and missed out on some fun with his family and friends. So on Saturday, May 9, 2015 a Stretch Hummer limo picked up Aaron along with 17 of his friends and family. They were dropped off at Dave & Busters downtown Chicago for Aaron’s 15th birthday party. They enjoyed a chicken buffet, game tokens and passes to play unlimited video games. Aaron is a HUGE Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers fan and the party wouldn’t be complete with a custom cake of Kyrie’s jersey.

At his party he received a fan package from the Cavaliers with shirts, a hat, even a Kyrie tshirt. CKMC also surprised him with 2 awesome tickets (right by the Cavs bench) to the next days Bulls/Cavs playoff game. A limo transport him and his uncle to the United Center for the game. The Chicago Bulls and Cavaliers invited Aaron to come to the game early and be on the floor during practice. He got to meet many players, including his favorite, Kyrie Irving whom he also had his picture taken with. After the game Kyrie sent Aaron his shoes and even autographed them. When Peggy asked Aaron if they fit, Aaron replied “No? They’re a size 12!” A few weeks after the game, Aaron decided to give his older brother Kyrie’s shoes, as his brother was unable to attend the game.

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