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Words cannot even express our gratitude to our supporters for helping us make our Kiss of HOPE program possible. THANK YOU for making stories like this possible. We received the most beautiful thank you from Jacob’s mom – it is long, but please take the time to read it. This is why we do what we do….tailor made memory making experiences for a child who should not have to suffer they way they do…. this thank you note brought me to tears and gave me chills. What an amazing little boy and family!

Dear Peggy & CKMC~
Thank you! Thank you so very much for giving Jacob such a wonderful gift– the gift of fun family time.

Anyone who knows this little boy and how many times he’s been separated from his family (for doctor visits, surgeries, MRIs…), would completely understand why he always mentions doing things “with my whole family”.

In Jacob’s short life (he’ll be 6 in September), he’s spent the last (almost) 2 years in and out of the hospital. We try our best to fill in some moments w/ fun, but they’re brief.

CKMC provided Jacob with a great wish– a weekend away with his “whole family” filled with fun! Jacob checked into a gorgeous hotel (he’s never been to one before) in Chicago on Friday, where he was greeted by so many gifts, games and books. It was like Santa came early! We then went out to dinner (he loves going out to eat), and then back to the room to play and get ready for bed– we had a big day coming up.

Saturday we woke early, had breakfast and took a cab (again, a first for him) to The Shedd. We were one of the first to enter, and when we did, it was a world of wonder. It was beautiful– both the fish, and the look on this little boy’s face with every new exhibit we saw.

I must admit, the dolphin/ whale show brought tears to mine and my husband’s eyes–There is a time with very beautiful music, accompanied by the graceful moves of the animals, and it makes you think of all life and how precious it is… We both found ourselves looking at our children and appreciating the moment more than ever. It was moving.

Shortly after, we left to go get some lunch. We ended up outside at The Millennium Park Grill enjoying good food, great weather, and each other. Next up was a visit to The Bean…along with the rest of Chicago.

Jacob’s exhaustion was becoming more evident at this point, and although we really wanted to keep on moving, we went back to the hotel for a rest. After a little break we thought we could get back out, but Jacob’s body had other plans. He was very emotional and just wanted to go to bed. Not a nap, but for the night. So before 5pm on Saturday, Jacob was fast asleep.

That’s one of the many things this tumor has provided– an inability to truly plan or schedule. Pain or exhaustion can come out of nowhere fast. So we go with it.

The next morning brought us a more refreshed little boy. Again, we had breakfast, and then off to the pool. Last year Jacob could not stand the water– he had no interest in the beach or a pool (2 things that he loved prior to his diagnosis). This year he’s back– the Jacob that wants to swim. It was so much fun! We then walked and had some lunch outside, and then we were off to the Disney Store.

Here’s a little note: we don’t go into the Disney Store because I don’t want to spend the entire time saying no. But CKMC gave us the gift of saying yes. Yes, they could go and choose and I could say “yes”. What a great feeling for all of us!!

It was an amazing weekend that we were able to fill with fun, food, experiences, and memories. And you gave that to Jacob (and all of us).

No child should have to suffer and go through their days in pain (which Jacob deals with daily). But it is wonderful to know that there are people who want to fill in the gaps with good. Good moments. Good times. And again, good memories.

So from Jacob, and his family…Thank You! You will never know the impact your gift has made on all of us.

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