Who throws the best 3rd birthday bash around? CKMC does of course! Meet Kyler! Kyler was diagnosed with malignant neuroepithelial tumor of the brain and spine at age 2 ½. Since Kyler currently has many appointments and is being treated locally, taking a family trip someplace did not make sense for the family for his Kiss of HOPE. So, we brought the party to Kyler – including his hero, Buzz Lightyear!

Kyler’s party had a Toy Story theme, and he had no idea who would be showing up at his party. We wanted to make sure this was the best party so we planned every little detail with his mom to make it so special for the whole family. The highlight of the party was fun, interactive visits from Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story. Kyler, who is normally very shy, interacted with his Toy Story friends and he insisted on dancing, stomping and singing along with the characters, despite his limited mobility. He had an ear to ear smile the entire time – priceless! Italian food was catered for all of the guests to enjoy and Kyler’s mom designed a Toy Story cake that was custom made by a local bakery. Kyler’s gift from CKMC was a red Jeep motorized car. He LOVED it!!

Kyler’s dad told CKMC board member Peggy Klimek that he hadn’t seen Kyler so happy and smiling this much for a very long time. Kyler didn’t stop grinning and laughing the entire time. I’m sure that all changed when Mom had to tell him he couldn’t bring his new Jeep into the house. Happy 3rd birthday Kyler from your CKMC cooley crew! We hope all of your dreams all come true!