Meet Haley! Or perhaps if you’ve been to CKMC events you already have. Haley has been a volunteer for CKMC for quite some time, and now she is one of our Kiss of HOPE kids. She was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma in July 2013. After a resection, Haley finished her radiation, and she deserved a relaxing break before starting her many rounds of chemo.

Haley’s Kiss of HOPE started with a manicure/pedicure for both her and mom. Then Haley, along with her mom and cousin, were picked up by Town Car and brought to O’Hare. Haley wanted to visit her Grandma in Florida, so the three of them were set up with airfare to Fort Myers for an 8 day getaway. After spending a few days with Grandma, the trio boarded the Key West Express, a water taxi going from Fort Myers to Key West. Haley had a great time visiting friends and being treated to fun and restaurants including “the best salsa ever!”

CKMC director Michelle Domino said, “Haley has helped CKMC as an event volunteer and even volunteered events for CKMC’s own Carter Kettner. She is very special to us, so we wanted to give her and her family an experience that’s as wonderful as she is.”

You can learn more about Haley’s story by visiting her facebook by clicking here.