CKMC gave a “Kiss of HOPE” to 3 1/2 year old Mia, who was diagnosed with an astrocytoma of the Pituitary Gland.

Mia was referred to CKMC by Cinnamon Kettner, Vice President of CKMC. Mia has been in and out of Chemo regimens, tolerating weekly toxins to rid her small body of the cancer. CKMC thought that she needed a break and so did her Mom and Dad and older sister. Being tugged in and out of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, the foundation thought that it would be great to send the family away.

It was decided, after speaking with Mia’s Mom, that a Grand Indoor and Outdoor Water Park sounded like just the “trick”. And so it was… Mia and her family were given gas money, and off they went. Mia and family headed off to Blue Harbor Resort, in Sheboygan Wisconsin to spend a long weekend, swimming, basking in the sun and enjoying long (or short) walks on the absolutely beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. When Mia and her family arrived at the Resort, they entered their Suite to find BOXES of goodies for the girls, from headphones to clothes to crafts, stuffed animals and games. Mom and Dad received a box, too. CKMC provided snacks for the room, his and her MASSAGE gift certificates and Visa gift cards to cover any and all amenities for the remainder of the weekend.

Cinnamon received this message from Mia’s Mom: “Holy Smokes, we were NOT expecting all of this. WOW! And, we woke up to the sun glittering off of Lake Michigan. The girls were crazy excited about the gifts. They were on Cloud 9 and they will be for the rest of the weekend, too! Thank you for the itinerary, too. We literally had to worry about nothing!!”

Just another dream made reality for a family who faces daily trials and tribulations associated with a child with brain cancer. CKMC felt truly blessed to have been able to help sweet Mia and her family to create wonderful lasting memories with one another on a weekend getaway, where cancer was not invited to “tag along”.

You can learn more about Mia’s story by visiting her facebook by clicking here.