Sonia Bagwe – Director

soniaServing since 2014

It was a winter evening in 2010, when I decided to stay home and spend some quality time with my DVD player…but, before that, I had to check Facebook. Little did I know, that at that moment, my life would be changed! I received an invitation to join a fan club for someone named Carter Kettner…I almost hit delete. Who was Carter Kettner? I figured I didn’t have anything going on that evening and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” could hold off for a few minutes. So, I ventured to the site to learn about this person who seemed to have quite the following of fans.

I quickly found out that Carter was an amazing little boy whom anyone could fall in love with! Reading about his brain cancer diagnosis absolutely broke my heart! How could a beast like cancer happen to a sweet little boy? After seeing Carter’s sweet face, I had to join the fan club. I signed up for his care pages and I was able to catch a minor glimpse of what his family was going through.

I was hooked on his story of HOPE! Reading about Carter always brought a smile to my face. As much as Carter made me smile, his updates made me cry and fueled my need to help him and his family in any way that I could. I knew I wanted to do more than make a $20 donation. I wanted to get his inspiring story out there…he was a beautiful little superhero who never lost his determination, sweetness, and sense of humor while battling a beast! So, I decided I was going to throw a fundraiser for the family!My ideas were on a small scale, but the event turned out to be way larger than expected. I originally sent out an Evite, and the next thing you knew, I was promoting the event on one of Chicago’s most listened to radio stations! The attention and support I received was nothing short of amazing! To see family, friends, strangers, Chicago businesses, and Chicago celebrities donate their time and money to Carter’s cause was such a great feeling. This event, in honor of Carter, showed me that there is HOPE for the human spirit! There is HOPE that people will come together and help total strangers in time of need!

Carter Kettner, a 5 year old superhero, showed me the true meaning of determination and HOPE. He captured my heart, put my life into perspective, and taught me life lessons. Unfortunately, I never got to meet Superhero Carter…but I did get to meet Joe, Cinnamon, Michelle, and Brian! Thanks to the Kettners and Michelle, I am honored and humbled to be on the Board of CKMC. I look forward to carrying out the vision of CKMC and giving back to those in need…most importantly, in Carter’s memory.

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