Kayla Siegmeier – Marketing Director

Serving since 2017

I was never fortunate enough to have met Carter, but I have felt the love and passion he had for life, through his family. It didn’t take me long after meeting Joe Kettner and a few other board members, before I fell in love with the organization and their mission.

As a mother of a son who has spent his fair share of time in and out of surgeries, I immediately related to the mission of making every moment count. These children become superheros as they fight their battles. In the wake of these unfathomable times, the littlest moments of joy mean the world and I feel so privileged to have the chance to bring a smile across their faces through Kisses of Hope™

Carter once said, ‘My wish is for everyone’s dream to come true” I am honored to help Carter’s wish come true each day and carry his memory as we celebrate his life through Kisses of Hope™. I promise to work diligently, to not only bring awareness to the world as we fight for a cure, but to impart love, support and wonderful memories for every family and child to cherish forever.

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