Huntley Pediatric Cancer Foundation Helps Victim Attend Prom

 Amber (1)Cancer Kiss My Cooley, the foundation in honor of young Huntley Cancer victim Carter Kettner made its first “Kiss of Hope” donation recently to a Des Plaines girl diagnosed with brain cancer.

Maine West Junior Amber Moosvi, 16, is undergoing expensive chemotherapy and her mother wasn’t sure she’d be able to attend her junior prom.  KCMC spokeman said the group made sure Amber and 30 classmates enjoyed a pre-prom dinner and a limo ride to the big event.

CKMC’s mission is to fight pediatric cancers such as the one that claimed six-year old Carter two years ago and help the victims and their families.

At least two fundraisers are planned this year. Info on them is availalbe at  CKMC’s website  at:

In the pic:  Young cancer victim Amber Moosvi went to her prom with the help of Huntley’s CKMC foundation.