Erika Streit – Director

Serving since 2016


Seeing a smile on a child’ face is an amazing thing to see and always puts a smile on my face. It is contagious. Unfortunately, some children are put thru trials that no child should have to face. Seeing a smile on the face of these children gives me an immeasurable amount of joy.

Watching what CKMC does for children who have a daily battle gives me such inspiration. I have always said that these children that CKMC helps have old souls. You can always learn from others, but being able to take something away from a child at any age is something that I now long for.

Each child I have come in contact with has taught me something about life, and that started with Carter. For me, being able to put a smile on their face and helping create memories that will last a lifetime is something that will add greatness to my soul. My attitude towards life has changed since I have been involved with CKMC.

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