Anthony Martin – Director

anthonyServing since 2015

I was never fortunate enough to meet Carter. I was however, fortunate enough to meet his family and everyone that has taken part in creating the CKMC organization in his honor.

It was quick to see how many lives Carter touched and how much love everyone had for him. The passing on of his love and honor through kisses of hope to other kids battling these brain tumors touched my heart. I wanted to do whatever I could possible to help families take a break, even if it may be short, from the pain, worry, suffering and financial burden of something so hard to even fathom.

I am proud to carry Carter’s memory and honor forward by continuing to celebrate his life through helping other CKMC families build lasting memories through Kisses of Hope. My personal goal is to make a difference to not just the children but all of the family and friends of these children, to help bring more awareness to this type of cancer and let those involved know they have a community of people that are ready to bring more hope and love into their lives.

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