Araceli is a beautiful nine year old girl & big sister to 3 brothers who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June, 2016. She has endured rounds of radiation, 3 surgeries and is currently on chemotherapy. She is in the fight of her life, but has an incredible support system in her large family. Araceli was referred to CKMC through their partnership with Lurie Children’s Hospital to receive a Kiss of Hope!

Araceli is a huge Avengers fan, and was anticipating a big birthday where she would transition from 9 years old, to the ultimate “double digits” 10 years old on December 9th. Herein laid a perfect opportunity for Cancer Kiss my Cooley to host the ultimate 10th birthday AVENGERS ASSEMBLE party for our Super Hero Araceli … and 120 of her closest family and friends!

Araceli turned 10 years old on December 9th, and her party took place the next evening on Saturday, December 10th in Evergreen Park. The stage was set at Jacob’s Well to host the celebration. All guests dressed up as their favorite Super Hero to enjoy this party to the fullest, and a good time was had by all. From feasting on Araceli’s favorite pizza – Home Run Inn, to capturing memories in the Super Hero photo booth and partaking in Super Hero games like “Pin the star on Captain America’s shied,” “Hulk Smash,” taking down the enemy via Piñata, or making their own Super Hero ID badges. The highlight of the celebration was the visit from Captain America and Black Widow, who played games with the children, conducted Super Hero training, posed for photos, and even sang Happy Birthday to Araceli. The best moment, however, was when they crowned Araceli a Super Hero! All the guests left the party with full bellies, full hearts, and a commemorative “Araceli’s Angels” t-shirt.

Araceli’s memory making experience didn’t end with her party. The fun will continue next month when she and her family will attend the Twenty One Pilots concert on January 28th at United Center!!! Araceli will get to enjoy the music of her favorite band, along with mom, dad, and 2 of her brothers. She will arrive at the concert with a gift card to go shopping for some Twenty One Pilots loot! Of course, the family can’t go hungry to the concert – they have gift cards to dine at Home Run Inn before the concert!

Araceli lives in Chicago, with her parents Rachael and Jimmy, and 3 younger brothers (baby Isaac was born 5 days after Araceli was diagnosed). She is a self-professed book worm and her favorite things in her world beyond her family and friends are the: “I Survived” book series, the Avengers and the band Twenty One Pilots!  Cancer Kiss my Cooley is honored to have coordinated a Kiss of Hope for Araceli and her family to make memories and special moments they can keep for a lifetime.