Meet Alejandro! He’s sweet, shy, LOVES cars, LOVES animals, LOVES the beach, and LOVES to eat! 🙂 We knew we liked him for a reason, hehe! His little brother Eduardo is one of his BFF’s!

Alejandro’s KOH started out with an amazing trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! A stretch limo picked them up to take them to the airport! Goodbye, Chicago and hello, warm and sunny beaches of Mexico! Alejandro and his family stayed at the 5-star all inclusive resort, Now Amber! They started out the trip with some much-needed relaxation on the beach and quenched their thirst with some awesome kiddy drinks w/ umbrellas in them! Aside from relaxation, CKMC threw in some fun excursions for the family! Alejandro loves animals – dolphins and birds are his favorites! So, we sent him for a nice swim with dolphins – AWESOME!!! He also had the opportunity to hold a macaw! He tells us that the interaction with his favorite animals was the
highlight of the trip!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Alejandro and family went on to enjoy a cruise to a private cove! They were treated to some great food under the stars and learned about Ancient Mexican civilization through music and dance!

So, beaches – check! Animals – check! Now on to the cars!

We lucked out that the Chicago Auto Show was in town as we were putting together Alejandro’s Kiss of Hope! We were able to set up a VIP viewing of the cars, which means we were on the floor before the Auto Show opened to the public! No lines and no wait to get in the cars! Now, most kids would be into seeing the fancy sports cars or trucks first! Alejandro is the sweetest and so down-to-Earth; the first thing he wanted to see was a Nissan SUV! Love it! He was amazed at all the cars he was seeing and he HAD to sit in all the different SUVs! His favorite was the Toyota 4 Runner! A trip to the Auto Show isn’t complete without taking a ride in a Jeep! That was the favorite experience of the day! We piled into a Jeep and got to go through an awesome course! The Jeep went up and down a flight of stairs…how cool?! All that walking around made the boys hungry! So, they dined on one of their favorites – Connie’s Pizza…yum! We bought the boys some Auto Show swag to conclude the day! They were so excited! And they requested that we come visit them soon!

Cars…check! Food…check!

Great times and forever memories…CHECK!!!